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Captain Riley (The Captain Riley Adventures Book 1)
Alexander Woodend, Fernando Gamboa

Too Far Out There

Genesis Plague - Sam Best

I enjoyed the first half of the book more than the second half. The second half of the book went South for me, it was just too far out there. The sequel to it is suppose to arrive Spring of this year if interested.

A Little Far Fetched

The Catacombs - Jeremy Bates

A little far fetched but not a bad read overall. For me it started out a bit slow, took a little time to get into it but I still give it 4 stars. If you don't mind reads that are a bit hokey and far fetched, then it should be right up your alley. The book covers a 40 hour timeline. It all takes place inside the catacombs under Paris, hence the name. The main thing it did for me was peak my interest in learning more about the catacombs. It is something I am not really familiar with. Good action at the end made up for a bit of a bland start!

A Bit Too Predictable

Equal Time Point - Harrison Jones

A bit too predictable for me. I had had this on my wishlist for quite sometime so I was looking forward to reading it. I wasn't disappointed but I wasn't greatly impressed either. The author has other titles out there so he has obviously had success with his writing. Maybe I was looking for more action and suspense. I had visions of Airport when reading it. Parts of Airport were tense but there was also some bland or boring times too. I found that the case here as well. Characters tended to be one dimensional, not enough development. The bad guy was stereotypical; a beef with the airline, hangs out in the bar getting drunk, hates the ex-wife etc. 

A Bit Surprised by the Ratings

Shadow Beast - Luke Phillips

I was a bit surprised by the ratings. I guess this one was more my cup of tea than other folks. At the time of this review, the average review is 3 stars. It was an easy 4 1/2 stars for me. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I happened across the Kindle version for either free or .99. Sometimes the English spelling of words throws me but that isn't any big deal. I would rather experience that than typos. I couldn't help but think of the similarities to Jaws. This just happened to be the land locked version. There is even one very small moment in the book where the character, Stubbs had me immediately relate to Hooper's character in Jaws. I will watch for the sequel on this one as the door was left wide open.

The Flood

The Flood - David Sachs It did have a Lord of the Flies type of flavor to it. I enjoyed nine tenths of the book. The ending needed more. I guess that was the author's intention but it was way too abrupt. Could have used more development. Just saying.

Amazon Roulette

Amazon Roulette - Colleen Gleason Second in the series. The first is Siberian Treasure. This one was just as much fun as the first! Can't wait for the third in the series which will obviously be forth coming. Enjoy!

Siberian Treasure

Siberian Treasure - Colleen Gleason She's no Clive Cussler. She's even better! It seems more and more difficult to find a good novel to latch on to these days. I think this was brought to my attention via Book Gorilla. I'm so glad I came across it. It was a joy to read. A great pace all the way through with a bit of a twist at the very end. I've all ready purchased the kindle edition of her new book, Amazon Roulette (2nd in the series) which was just released today. The timing couldn't have been any better. Grab this one today!

Mr. Sandman: A Thrilling Novel

Mr. Sandman: A Thrilling Novel - Lyle Howard Quite good. Initially I wasn't sure I was going to like it but it got better and better the further I got into the book. There's also wiggle room for a sequel. I would read other books by this author if there are any.

Draakk - Something has awoken

Draakk - Something has awoken - L.C. Frey, Kim Anisi, Nick Stephenson Sounded good from other reviews but didn't turn out to be my cup of tea. Veered into zombie land which I don't normally read.

The Chase: One Courageous Skipper Battling The Perilous Evil Out To Destroy Him. (Sea Action & Adventure)

The Chase: One Courageous Skipper Battling The Perilous Evil Out To Destroy Him. (Sea Action & Adventure) - Herzel Frenkel A hundred and fifty some page book so it can easily be read in one or two sittings. I thought the character development on the protagonist and the antagonist was good. Other character development was shallow. The ending was far fetched, abrupt and just a bit too tidy. It seemed as if the author wanted to end the book as soon as he could.

The Aeschylus

The Aeschylus - David Barclay Not a bad read but not the best either. I'm glad I read it though. Caught my interest early on, bogged down in the middle and picked my interest back up at the end. The idea for the premise of the book was good.

The Final Shortcut

The Final Shortcut - G. Bernard Ray Move over Bates Motel! Will definitely look for a sequel to this one. Would make a great B Horror movie.

Caribbean Chill (A Dane Skoglund Adventure)

Caribbean Chill (A Dane Skoglund Adventure) - Ron Smoak, Richard K. Green A bit shallow early on but the ending made up for that.


Hunters - Chris Kuzneski Held my interest. A good pace throughout the entire book.

Cosega Search

Cosega Search - Brandt Legg I enjoyed it but not enough to move me on to the second in the series.

Ninth Cycle Antarctica: A Thriller (A Rossler Foundation Mystery)

Ninth Cycle Antarctica: A Thriller (A Rossler Foundation Mystery) - JC Ryan Good read though I enjoyed the first in the series better.